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Meet Sierra

Established business owner, instructor, mother, entrepreneur and motivational speaker.

Sierra Vetaw is a motivational entrepreneur encouraging new and established business owners through workshops, hosting seminars, networking events and providing resources for ownership. 

She's motivated hundreds of entrepreneurs with startup businesses and expansions. 


I have 3 different sessions because I know we're all on different journeys in this career. You should schedule the class based off your experience or where you would like to start with me. 


My start up training is for individuals that are considering opening a child care of their own.

This class provides the basics to get you started with minimum requirements and professional development.

The launch training is meant for individuals that already have a home and ready to submit your licensing packet. I apply all of the start up training and include handbook policies and resources for filing paperwork. We set up for licensing to get you approved within 30 days (sometimes sooner). 

The expansion training is for providers that are already in the child care industry and are ready to expand their location; either by capacity, location or star level. 

I have completed these techniques with more than 12 childcare providers in Oklahoma. I've recently expanded my consulting to Kansas & Texas areas, I'm looking forward to seeing your state soon! My quickest approval was within 2 weeks in 3 different states. Come see why...

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